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Application of Gas Analyzer

Gas analyzer system, this device is used to monitor the concentration of SO2 and CO emitted by the collected flue gas. The analyzer uses infrared as the detection light source, and measures the concentration of CO by measuring the attenuation of light through the measurement tube section.

Because the sensor is mounted in a pattern, the measurement is real-time, accurate, and requires little maintenance. After using it for a period of time, I found that there are two less desirable aspects of the device:

  1. The effect of purging the air unit is not good.
  2. The probe is not heated, which causes great inconvenience to the pipeline cleaning. Two measures have been taken in response to the above situation: 1) Compressed air is introduced, and the original purge air unit is replaced after further purification; 2) The probe is sampled with heat to clean the square pipeline. Good results have been achieved after the improvement, and maintenance-free is basically achieved.
  3. Analysis (system) selection should pay attention to analysis (system) selection is the key to successful application, improper selection will cause normal use or increase the difficulty of maintenance.

Many enterprises have encountered situations that are not easy to use or even use due to improper selection, so the following points should be noted when selecting:

(1) Whether the process conditions are consistent with the applicable conditions. The process must provide the most detailed characteristics of the measured object (taking gas composition analysis as examples): composition, temperature, humidity, dust particle size, crystallization, and corrosiveness, etc. In order for manufacturers to research and design to match the production process conditions, the appropriate analysis and detection and concentrated solution. If you don’t fully consider the subject, unexpected situations may occur.

(2) Processing capacity and reliability of the pre-processing device. The pre-processing part is an important part of the analysis system, and its importance is no less than itself, because more than 90% of the failures of the analysis (system) occur in the pre-processing part. A good pretreatment device must not only have strong processing capacity, but also have good reliability, otherwise it will greatly increase the cost of spare parts or maintenance workload.

(3) The advancement of technology and the subsequent development and service capabilities of manufacturers. Analysis using advanced technology is often introduced for certain defects or deficiencies of the same type, which can be considered during selection. Large and capable manufacturers or agencies are more guaranteed in terms of analytical repair, maintenance and spare parts supply.

(4) If economic conditions permit, it is undeniable to choose imports as much as possible. The performance of import analysis is indeed better. Therefore, the analysis of components in important production processes should try to use imported analysis, and the pretreatment device is best to use domestic products. Because the pretreatment device of domestic manufacturers is more targeted, it can be designed according to the user’s specific requirements and site conditions.

(5) Case study Indispensable The analysis (system) of different manufacturers has its own advantages. Some pre-processing devices have been very successful. Some have good sampling and analysis parts, but almost no part of the manufacturers is the best. Therefore, selecting one or two (systems) and then visiting its users for investigation can obtain the most authentic information, which is helpful for final finalization.

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