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Application of CMC Micro Water Analysis

The micro-water analyzer produced by the CMC company uses a phosphorus pentoxide sensor to use the principle of electrolyzed water molecules for hydrogen and oxygen. The application of the CMC micro-water analysis consists of a glass cylinder and two parallel electrodes. It should be used to select the electrode material (usually made of platinum or rhodium wire), and a thin layer of phosphoric acid H3PO4 film is applied between the two electrodes. The electrolytic current that appears between the two electrodes makes the acid in the water is decomposed into H2 and O2. The final product of this process is phosphorus pentoxide. P2O5 is a highly hygroscopic substance, so it absorbs water from the sample gas. Through a continuous electrolytic process, the moisture content of the sample gas and the Establish a balance between moisture, the electrolytic current is proportional to the moisture content in the sample gas, and the signal is processed by the internal signal amplifier of the instrument, then displayed and the data read out. This principle is suitable for the analysis of Xe, Ar, Kr, He, D2, F2, N2, H2, O2, O3, HBr, PH3, SF6, Freon, C2H2, CO2, CH4, Natural gas, especially suitable for high-purity acid gases such as Cl2, Measurement of trace moisture in gases such as HCl, SO2, H2S (except for a few gases that will react with phosphoric acid).

CMC micro-water analysis is used in the measurement of carbon dioxide protective gas micro-water in the chlor-alkali industry and polysilicon and welding processes. After the process gas is dried, the corrosive gas needs to be monitored. The micro-water content is below 20 ppm. The sample gas is processed by the sampling system. According to different crafts. The sample gas contains impurities and lye. Processed by a pre-processing system. The CMC sensor is wound on glass through platinum or rhodium wires. Platinum wire and rhodium wire have anticorrosive function. Even if some impurities are attached, they can be processed by simple physical methods. Then apply a solution of phosphorus pentoxide, which guaranteed sensor life.

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