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Analysis of Various Types of Active Components of Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer

There are many types of automobile exhaust gas analyzers, such as two gas, four gas and five gas.

1.Two-gas exhaust gas analyzer

The two-gas exhaust gas analyzer is used to measure the volume fractions of CO and HC in automobile exhaust emissions. Most of the two-gas exhaust gas analyzers currently used in China do not have the function of self-checking leakage, so the authenticity of the collected data is difficult to guarantee.

2.Four-gas exhaust gas analyzer

The four-gas exhaust gas analyzer has all the functions of a two-gas exhaust gas analyzer, and it can also perform fault diagnosis and analysis. It can measure CO2 and O2, engine oil temperature, speed, etc. in addition to CO and HC, as well as calculation Excess air coefficient and air-fuel ratio. Therefore, the four-gas exhaust gas analyzer can be used not only as an environmental protection detection instrument, but also as a diagnostic tool.

3.Five-gas exhaust gas analyzer

When CO and HC decrease, the NOx concentration in the exhaust gas may increase, and NOx is often generated under high temperature and heavy load conditions. The five-gas exhaust gas analyzer can monitor the NOx concentration.

Analysis method of automobile exhaust gas analyzer

Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer The components of automobile exhaust gas are closely related to the operating conditions of the engine. Therefore, the working condition and performance of the engine can be initially analyzed through the detection of automobile exhaust gas. More importantly, when various engine systems fail, a certain component in the exhaust gas will inevitably deviate from the normal value. By detecting the content of different gas components in the exhaust gas under different operating conditions of the engine, the location of the engine failure can be determined. Among various emission components, HC is an unburned fuel, incompletely combusted or cracked hydrocarbons of combustible gas mixture, and a small amount of intermediate products of oxidation reaction. CO mainly comes from the incomplete combustion of combustible gas mixture under the condition of insufficient air, and it is a substance with a high concentration of harmful components in the exhaust of gasoline engines. CO2 is the product of the combustion of a combustible gas mixture, which can reflect the efficiency of combustion. The exhaust gas analysis method is a method for diagnosing engine faults by using CO, HC, CO2, and O2 and other emission components in a vehicle exhaust as main analysis parameters.

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