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Analysis of the Accuracy Verification Method of Portable Gas Analyzer

The accuracy verification method of the portable gas analyzer is as follows:

  1. Error analysis

In the application process of the analytical instrument, an error analysis must be made for the data of each measurement result to determine the authenticity, reliability and credibility of the data analysis. A qualified analyst does not and should not casually report or publish the results of each analytical determination. Generally, after the measurement results are obtained, after error analysis, when the total error of the analysis data is determined to be less than the specified allowable error, this one (or a group of) data is regarded as the correct measurement result and reported or published. Otherwise, inaccurate data will have serious adverse consequences for production managers.

  1. Analysis of common instrument calibration

As a quantitative analysis instrument, a portable gas analyzer must be calibrated (or calibrated) with a standard gas before performing quantitative analysis. Standard gas is generally purchased from the national metrology department or a legal factory. In special cases, it can also be configured on its own (but it must have the qualification and ability to configure standard gas and related equipment). The standard gas shelf life is one year. When using the standard gas calibration analysis instrument, you must also thoroughly understand the normal procedures and usage rules. If you buy and use an unsuitable standard gas, it will cause a great deviation in the analysis data. If you do not know the requirements for the use of standard gas, it will also cause trouble for air separation production because you cannot get accurate data results.

  1. Analysis of linear relationship of portable gas analyzer

First of all, in order to ensure the normal operation of the gas analyzer, the analytical instrument, as a precision instrument of the measuring instrument, must be tested and calibrated regularly in accordance with the regulations formulated by the country. At the same time, a series of standard gases are used every year to check whether the linear relationship of the instrument in the entire linear range remains normal. Otherwise, it is blindly believed that the integrity of the analytical instruments (even imported instruments) will definitely cause wrong data to cause errors in production management and quality management.

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