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Analysis of Application Difficulties of Infrared Gas Analyzer

  1. 1.Infrared gas analyzer is to realize a series of chemical processes

A gas analyzer or a gas analysis system is equivalent to a complete chemical process equipment. Therefore, the working process of the gas analysis instrument system is to realize a series of chemical processes. If you want to get the correct data through gas analysis, you must understand the conditions and changes in each stage of this series of chemical processes, carefully study and grasp the laws, and only then can you achieve the purpose of correct measurement. It should be pointed out that not only the same conditions and conditions of a set of chemical process are provided inside a gas analysis instrument, but sometimes the sample gas pre-treatment part (including the sampling system) at the front of the instrument is also a set of chemical process. If it encounters more complicated and special process technical conditions, then the chemical process embodied in the sample gas pretreatment system is still very complicated, which is equivalent to the purification process of a small chemical plant. It can be seen that the process of gas analysis by the ammonia nitrogen analyzer is to understand and grasp the conditions of the entire chemical process system and strictly control various factors that affect the measurement conditions, so as to obtain the correct data required by the process and management staff.

  1. 2.It is difficult to control influencing factors and eliminate interference factors in the application process

In the process of instrument application, there are many types of influencing factors and their changes are more complicated. However, it is difficult to effectively control these influencing factors and eliminate the factors that interfere with the measurement. For example, for the determination of trace oxygen, not only the material and seal of the system must be strictly controlled, but also many factors such as the cleanliness of the system must be solved one by one; otherwise, the oxygen composition analysis will not obtain the correct measurement results. For the determination of the trace water content in the gas, in addition to the various influencing factors mentioned above, the problem of adsorption equilibrium of water in the sample gas in the pipeline must also be considered, and the proper treatment of this problem must rely on repeated experiments , Understand its changes and laws, and grasp the manipulation techniques in order to get correct results. Of course, the use of gas chromatographs to determine the ppm-ppb level impurity content in high-purity gases has to be considered and controlled by more influential factors.

3.The influencing factors of trace gas composition analysis are more complicated

The microscopic changes that occur when radon gas components move in pipelines and equipment are complex and changeable. Many influential factors that can be ignored in the analysis of constant gas components, not only cannot be ignored in the analysis of trace gas components, but must be taken seriously. At this time, these factors have become the main contradictions affecting the correct results of the analysis of trace gas components. Only by solving them can the trace gas analysis instrument work be successfully completed. These factors include the following:

① repeated mixing of gas in the sampling line;

②Physical and chemical interaction between pipe wall and gas composition;

③ pipeline material;

④Pipe connection method;

⑤ cleanliness of the pipeline.

4 Instrumentation and method verification is one of the keys to obtaining correct data. As a metering and testing tool, under normal operating conditions, most of the data given by alcohol alarms, hydrogen sulfide alarms, and hydrogen chloride alarms are relative quantities. The performance evaluation index of the laser particle size analyzer is introduced. Whether the measurement data is correct and the degree of accuracy (accuracy), the instrument itself cannot be installed with a gas alarm, and it is also impossible to verify the safety of the gas stove. Must rely on peripheral technical work to complete, this is the verification of analytical data.

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