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What is Gas Calibration?

No matter what kind of gas detector, it will have an alarm function, mainly because when the instrument detects that the target gas concentration in the environment reaches a certain concentration, the gas detector can issue an alarm reminder. The accuracy of the test results of an instrument is an important condition for the correct […]

Oxygen Probe

Oxygen probe is a commonly used sensor to control the atmosphere of heat treatment. It is a measuring probe to determine the oxygen partial pressure in the carbon-containing atmosphere. This method can indirectly measure the carbon potential of the atmosphere in the furnace. It uses the oxygen potential generated by the different oxygen concentrations on […]

Use of Flammable Gas Detector

Combustible gas alarms are composed of detectors and alarm control hosts. They are widely used in petrochemical industries with combustible gases such as petroleum, gas, chemical, and oil depots. They are used to detect leaks in indoor and outdoor dangerous places, which is to ensure production and personal safety. When there is flammable gas in […]

Principles of Gas Sensors

The key component of a gas detector is a gas sensor. Gas sensors can be divided into three categories in principle: Gas sensors using physical and chemical properties: such as semiconductor type (surface control type, volume control type, surface potential type), catalytic combustion type, solid thermal conductivity type, etc. Gas sensors using physical properties: such […]

Measurement and Application of Mixed Gases

Ultrasonic gas measurement technology realizes the measurement of mixed gas, long life, high precision, and maintenance-free, which ensures the stability of the mixed gas concentration. Measurement and application of mixed gas, tests have confirmed that after adding a certain amount of another gas or two gases to one gas, it can be used to refine […]

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