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Introduction to the Core Part of the Trace Oxygen Analyzer

The trace oxygen analyzer is a tool used for the analysis and inspection of oxygen components, with which data on the types and contents of certain components can be obtained. However, it is not a simple tool, neither has a simple structure like a flow meter or a pressure gauge, nor is it easy to […]

Introduction to Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

Gas industry terminology It is an automatic continuous gas analyzer made by the principle that the total thermal conductivity of the mixed gas changes with the content of the measured component. The thermal conductivity detector used is a bridge composed of two measuring cells to detect the change in the thermal conductivity of the gas […]

Introduction to CO2 Analyzer

The carbon dioxide analyzer English name is: Carbon dioxide monitoring instrument, also known as carbon dioxide monitor, carbon dioxide detector, carbon dioxide measuring instrument. It is a different name for the same product. It is an instrument for measuring carbon dioxide concentration. Applications include: mainly monitoring the CO2 concentration in the air of hotels, shops, […]

Introduction of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer uses infrared to analyze the body. It is based on the different concentrations of the components to be analyzed, the absorbed radiant energy is different, and the remaining radiant energy makes the temperature in the detector rise differently, and the pressure on the two sides of the moving film is different, thereby […]

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