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Oxygen Monitors

Instrument introduction

Oxygen monitor alarm device is a personal portable gas detection alarm device. Its sensor uses an electrochemical sensor, which is sensitive and suitable for continuous detection of the percentage concentration of oxygen in the ambient air of industrial and mining enterprises. Limit, low limit sound, light, and vibration alarms to warn site personnel to evacuate the danger area as soon as possible.

Main Feature

  1. Miniature, compact and easy to use.
  2. 9V laminated battery power, easy to carry.
  3. Suitable for occasions with discontinuous monitoring. Stable performance, accuracy reaches 0.01%.
  4. cheap and practical.

Technical Data

Display 3 1/2 digit LCD display
Measuring process 0.01%-5.00%  0.0%-50.0% 1%-100%
Basic error <±3%F.S or ±0.03%(whichever is greater)
Response time 98% in 15 seconds at 25oC
Stability <± 1.5% F.S or ± 0.03 / 24h (whichever is greater)
Temperature compensation Automatic:0-50oC(NTC)
Electric pole Ordinary oxygen electrode with 1 piece
Dimensions 120X80X20mm
Hole Size Handheld


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