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Oxygen Analyzer

The oxygen analyzer is suitable for the determination of oxygen, carbon dioxide gas content and mixing ratio in sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans and other hollow packaging containers; it is suitable for quickly and accurately measuring the content and ratio of gas components in production lines, warehouses, laboratories and other occasions Make evaluations to guide production and ensure product shelf life.

Applications include ready-to-eat food packaging, milk powder packaging, bread, meat packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and related products, modified atmosphere packaging, active packaging, antiseptic packaging, cheese, coffee, juice and carbonated drinks, agricultural and sideline products packaging, etc.

Application scope

(Note: the analysis of residual oxygen in the milk powder industry is very important)

Technical feature

Desktop + Portable

Microcomputer control, LCD display

Menu interface, PVC operation panel

Built-in data storage function

Grid power supply, rechargeable battery dual power supply mode

With data re-analysis, processing, test report output function

Micro printer

RS232 interface

Network transmission interface supports centralized management of LAN data and Internet information transmission

Technical parameter

Gas type: O2, CO2

O2 measurement range: 0 to 100%

O2 measurement accuracy: 0% ~ 2%; ± 0.1% (absolute value)

2% ~ 100%; ± 0.5% (relative value)

O2 sensor life:> 6 years

CO2 measurement range: 0 ~ 100%

CO2 measurement accuracy: ± 2%

CO2 sensor life:> 15 years

Sampling volume: <12ml (automatic); <8ml (manual)

Dimensions: 350mm (L) x 235mm (B) x 150mm (H)

Instrument configuration editing

Standard configuration: host, micro printer, sampling needle, filter, seal, portable packing box

Options: professional software, communication cable, foot switch, sampling needle, filter, gasket

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