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Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of several dew point analyzers

In principle, the main mainstream dew point analyzers can be divided into chilled mirror type, alumina capacitor type, film capacitor type, polymer capacitor type and so on. Among them, alumina capacitive dew point and dew point analyzers are generally used for measurement in the low humidity range, while chilled mirror and film capacitive dew point analyzers can be used not only for low humidity measurement, but also for medium and high humidity, that is, relative humidity measurement.
The above-mentioned instruments of various principles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the chilled mirror dew point meter is the most accurate, reliable, and basic measurement method. It is widely used for standard transmission, but its disadvantage is that it is more expensive and requires experienced personnel to operate and maintain.
1. Mirror dew point meter Gases with different moisture content will condense on the mirror surface at different temperatures. Using photoelectric detection technology, the exposed layer is detected and the temperature at the time of condensation is measured, and the dew point is directly displayed. The methods of mirror refrigeration include: semiconductor refrigeration, liquid nitrogen refrigeration and high-pressure air refrigeration. The mirror-type dew point meter adopts a direct measurement method. This type of dew point meter can be used as a standard dew point meter under the premise of ensuring accurate dew detection, high efficiency of mirror cooling and precise measurement of dew temperature. The current accuracy is ±0.1℃, and companies that currently produce chilled mirror dew point meters basically use this principle.
2. Thin-film capacitive dew point meter Using thin-film capacitor materials, the general accuracy can reach within ±3℃, and generally measure the dew point above -55℃. To
3. Polymer capacitive dew point meter Using polymer capacitor materials, the general accuracy can reach within ±3℃, and the dew point above -60℃ is generally measured. To
With the development of modern science and technology, people apply photoelectric technology, new material technology, infrared technology, microwave technology, microelectronic technology, optical fiber technology, acoustic technology and even nanotechnology to the measurement of moisture in gas. According to the measurement principle, the technicians of York Instruments conducted comparative analysis and research on different sensors such as alumina, polymer and ceramics, and adopted different technical methods and methods. We have solved the problem of measuring trace moisture in different fields and environments from many instruments and equipment that directly and indirectly measure trace moisture in gas.
Introduction to Dew Point Analyzer
Speaking from “Water”
Water, with the molecular formula H2O, is the most widely distributed substance on the earth where we live. In addition to seas, rivers, and lakes, the atmospheric environment we live in is also rich in gaseous water, which is called water vapor. Water penetrates into various types of substances at the same time. Solids contain water, liquids contain water, powders will absorb water, organisms contain water, and gases contain different amounts of water.
The amount of water contained in various properties of substances often affects the properties, uses, quality and storage of the substances. For example, the water content of process gas will affect the electrical insulation performance and process performance of the product; the water content of power gas will affect the service life of pneumatic instruments and equipment. The main reason is that H2O is a very active substance, which is easy to chemically react with other substances, and it is also easy to decompose into strong oxidizing substances.
We usually refer to the moisture content in the ambient atmosphere as relative humidity, and for the moisture content in industrial gases, it is expressed by dew point temperature or PPm value.
Dew point analyzer is abbreviated as dew point meter, which is an instrument for measuring the moisture content in gas.
The importance of measuring the moisture content of a gas
Gas source is a power source second only to power source. Gas source is also an important process medium. This dual identity makes gas play an important role in the industrial foundation.
The gas used as the power source is usually compressed air, which is produced by air compressors of different powers. In terms of composition, compressed air has all the components of ordinary air. After passing through the air compressor process, the compressed air contains oil, dust, and moisture, and has a higher temperature and pressure. There are generally two types of objects promoted by the power air source: pneumatic equipment and pneumatic instruments. There are many important links in chemical, petrochemical, textile, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, biological engineering and military production that do not allow the use of electrical equipment and electric instruments, but only pneumatic equipment and pneumatic instruments. Pneumatic instruments and pneumatic equipment generally have strict requirements on the power source, such as cooling, decompression, oil removal, dust removal, drying, etc. In order to meet these requirements, a series of post-processing equipment is used to purify compressed air. Purpose. In the field of standard gas, since the standard gas is a kind of standard substance, it is directly used as the comparison substance or calibration substance of the product index, and the micro-moisture content of the standard gas must be confirmed. Nitrogen with different moisture content can be used as an industrial grade moisture standard gas.
Therefore, in the above-mentioned fields, it is generally necessary to monitor the micro-moisture content


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