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Interpretation of the Future Development of Sensors

Sensors are widely used in the field of artificial intelligence. By connecting human and machine through intelligent sensors and combining software and big data analysis, it can break through the limitations of physics and materials science. Let ’s take a look at the future development direction of the sensor with the editor of the mining industry network.

In recent years, the investment in research and development of sensor mechanisms and technology at home and abroad has continued to increase, and sensor technology has also made rapid progress. With the continuous development of sensor technology, the cost of new high-performance sensor applications will continue to decrease, and the application effect will continue to improve, thereby driving the sustainable development of the sensor industry.

Through sensors, the construction of smart cities will continue to promote the improvement of public infrastructure and service systems, effectively gather funds, human resources and various social resources to play an industrial driving effect; take key areas as a breakthrough point, and target a wide market demand and obvious driving effects of inertia Make major investments in sensors, environmental sensors and other products to encourage mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of enterprises to accelerate their entry into the high-end sensor market; accelerate the establishment and implementation of an information security guarantee system, strengthen the research and development of information protection technologies, and establish a security risk rating system.

As the end of the entire Internet of Things, sensors have the greatest potential demand. The huge dependence of the domestic sensor industry on imports has become a bottleneck for the development of China’s Internet of Things. Only when domestic companies realize the localization of sensors can the overall strength of the entire industry be enhanced, and the rapid development of the Internet of Things industry can be achieved.

Especially under the guidance and support of a series of policies in which the country has vigorously strengthened the development and application of sensors, China’s sensor industry has good development prospects and is expected to gain future growth space. Many companies actively build an ecological environment in which the Internet of Things and sensors develop together, rely on mobile Internet, actively integrate all links of the industrial chain, guide consumer participation, and narrow the distance between products and the market.

In the future, sensors will develop towards high-performance, low-cost, low-power technology. Key technologies include new materials and new function sensors, single-chip integrated sensors and MEMS chips for micro-processing systems, intelligent sensors that support microprocessor information processing and storage, and high-precision sensors that adapt to various special environments. In the future, with the continuous development of CAD technology, MEMS technology, information theory and data analysis algorithms, the future sensor systems will become more miniaturized, integrated, multifunctional, intelligent and systematic.

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