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Application of Trace Oxygen Analyzer in Glove Box

The glove box is a laboratory equipment that fills the box with high-purity inert gas and filters out the active substances in the box. Also called vacuum glove box, inert gas protection box, etc. The glove box is a universal work platform that provides a very high purity inert gas environment. The inert gas concentration in this work platform can reach a very high level. Some materials, processes or experiments that are sensitive to water or oxygen can be used in the glove box. The main function is to remove O2, H2O and organic gases. Therefore, it is widely used in water-free, oxygen-free, dust-free ultra-pure environments, such as: lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, material synthesis, OLED, MOCVD, etc. Also includes biological applications, such as anaerobic bacteria culture, cell hypoxia culture and so on. This article mainly describes the application of trace oxygen analyzers in glove boxes.

Glove boxes have been increasingly used in scientific experiments, new material research and development, biomedicine, chemicals, lithium batteries, solar cells, nuclear materials and nuclear industry, new lighting, special welding, vacuum coating and other industries and fields. As a universal platform, the glove box can provide working conditions for experiments or production in high purity inert gas protection, low water and low oxygen content or dust-free aseptic environment.

Application of trace oxygen analyzer products in glove box of lithium battery industry

  1. Install the trace oxygen analyzer in the glove box: it is used to monitor the oxygen content in the box, and the current content can be displayed on the touch screen;
  2. It can realize the interlocking of the trace oxygen analyzer with the circulating fan and the purifier in the glove box, and can continuously remove oxygen when the oxygen content is high, and maintain the test or production conditions;

3. When the micro oxygen analyzer is regenerating in the purification system of the glove box, monitor the oxygen content in the box. Purify the oxygen content in the box within 24 hours. If the content is too high, you may suspect that the glove box is not tightly sealed or has other problems.

4. The upper and lower limit alarm points of the oxygen content of the gas to be measured can be arbitrarily set according to the requirements of the on-site process.

  1. It can be used to monitor the increase of oxygen content caused by switching the transition chamber during the discharging and feeding process.
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