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Structure type of zirconia oxygen probe

1. Sampling detection type oxygen probe The sampling detection method is to introduce the measured gas into the zirconia detection chamber through the guiding tube, and then heat the zirconia to the working temperature (above 750°C) through the heating element. Zirconia is generally tubular, and the electrode is porous platinum electrode (Figure 2). The advantage […]

The principle and advantages of zirconia sensor

The zirconia sensor used for combustion atmosphere measurement and control can not only stabilize and improve product quality, but also has the advantage of shortening the production cycle and saving energy. The zirconia sensor is designed in an environment of 650°C or higher using the oxygen ion conductivity of stable zirconia ceramics. Under certain temperature […]

The principle of zirconia oxygen sensor

The working principle of zirconia oxygen sensor: The zirconia oxygen sensor is designed using the oxygen ion conductivity of stable zirconia ceramics in an environment above 650°C. Under certain temperature conditions, if there are different partial pressures of oxygen (ie oxygen concentration) in the gas on both sides of the zirconia bulk ceramic, a series […]

Zirconia sensor structure

The structure of the zirconia sensor is that a zirconia film is sandwiched between two Pt electrodes. The oxygen ions in the zirconia can move freely at high temperatures (above 700°C), and can conduct oxygen ions but not. When the oxygen concentration on both sides of the zirconia film is different, a voltage is generated […]

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

working principle: The zirconium oxide oxygen analyzer converts the electromotive force of the oxygen concentration difference into a standard voltage signal linearly related to the oxygen content of the measured gas by the detection instrument, and inputs it to the input terminal of the digital instrument, and inputs it to the CPU of the instrument […]

The working principle of quartz crystal sensor

The principle is the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal. When the quartz crystal is under pressure, the positive and negative charges will be gathered like two opposite surfaces. The quartz crystal is a capacitor, which gathers positive charges on one side and negative charges on the other. This amount of charge It is proportional to […]

The working principle of fuel cell oxygen sensor

The use of a completely sealed fuel pool oxygen sensor is currently one of the most advanced oxygen measurement methods in the world. The fuel cell oxygen sensor consists of a highly active oxygen electrode and a lead electrode, immersed in KOH solution. Oxygen is reduced to hydroxide ions at the cathode, while lead is […]

How the light emitter works

A transmitter is a device that can transmit a signal at a certain frequency. It is a relatively general concept. It is widely used in various civil and military equipment such as television, broadcasting, communication, alarm, radar, remote control, telemetry, and electronic countermeasures. Transmitters can be divided into four categories: frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation […]

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