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Atmosperic Conditions Affect Weld Quality

Many fabricators experience welding problems at different times of the year. Moisture (H20) is a prime source of hydrogen. At arc temperatures, water breaks down releasing hydrogen atoms that cause porosity in weldments. Shielding gas supplies are controlled to very low moisture content (-70°F dewpoint or lower). Likewise, the atmospheric conditions in a fabricating facility […]

Welding Titanium in Inert Gas Atmospheres

There are many reasons an application might call for titanium due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. In its unalloyed form titanium is as strong as some steels yet 45% lighter. However, the welding of titanium demands a more calculated approach that most other metals. Titanium is also very corrosive resistant and nearly as resilient as […]

P2O5 Phosphorous Pentoxide Moisture Sensor Technology for Moisture Analyzers

The electrolytic moisture sensor used by Systech Illinois employs the well known phosphorus pentoxide principle for accurate determination of trace levels of moisture in inert gas streams. Principle of Operation The method is termed coulometric hygrometry. It is a primary standard and does not need calibration. According to Faradays law of electrolysis the current generated by […]

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